Visit DELL Customer Contact Center in Montpellier for the presentation of: “The Janus Role of National Sales Manager” in Complex Selling Situation
This visit will be the opportunity to see how this disrupting company is selling and managing customer relationships for the South of Europe (France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greece…) from Montpellier.
A presentation about “the Janus Role of National Sales Manager” will be offered. Janus was a Greek god often depicted with two faces. National sales managers’ need two faces, one external to organize the selling process with client from “lead detection to closing the sale”, and an internal face to organize and coordinate inside the Dell Customer Contact Center the project.
Additionally, some workshops allowing to meet and discuss with International Sales Manager and Key Account Managers will be offered.

Please note: limited number of participants only 30 people – Option to choose when registering for the congress


During the evening reception, you will have the opportunity to taste national and local wines from French vineyards.

A French sommelier and a wine grower will explain the story and the soul of the different wines tasted, all in English of course! In addition, a blind tasting contest will be organized with several prizes to be won. This will be combined with typical local French food, including cheese and several other typical dishes.

Welcome to Trinquefougasse